Green Coffee - A Weight Loss Guarantee?
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Peter Carl Simons has worked within the dietary sector for years, and has witnessed the inhuman strategies of certain manufacturers. He knows that behind many "miracles cures", the only aim is to get rich very fast. As many of the offered compounds are food supplements that are hardly ever checked, the manufacturer can mix in "any piece of crap" slap a nice name on it, and pay some unknown doctor or professor to smile into the camera for the product. Right now, a new diet wave is coming over the big pond: "Green coffee bean extract" is the newest miracle cure for obesity, to live healthy, and to optimise your metabolism. Simons knows: The approach is not a bad idea, but there is a much cheaper variant that works just as well and is because of that very reason not being disclosed by the manufacturers and their doctors - it would make them less money. That is why Simons tells you the truth right here.
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