By the Great Horn Spoon! (Unabridged)
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Gold! That's the lure that drew men by the thousands in 1849 to make the dangerous trip to California. It's what young Jack Flagg of Boston and his unflappable butler Praiseworthy are after as well. But can two such unlikely greenhorns really survive a harrowing sea voyage, bandits, and crazed miners-not to mention a showdown with the dreaded Mountain Ox? It seems impossible. But in Gold Rush California, the impossible was happening every day, as this rollicking, rip-snortin' saga demonstrates in each delightful chapter. Beautifully researched and bursting with a cast of larger-than-life characters, Sid Fleischman's beloved classic springs to new life in this full cast recording. Our collection of heroes and villains-not to mention our coots, codgers, and geezers--will have you laughing out loud-when you're not holding your breath in suspense! Sid Fleischman has written over three dozen books for young readers, including the Newbery Award winner THE WHIPPING BOY. Before becoming a writer, he worked as a professional magician, then as a reporter. His other books include DISAPPEARING ACT (also available from FULL CAST AUDIO) and his acclaimed autobiography, THE ABRACADABRA KID. You can visit him on the web at
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