The Gray Phantom’s Return
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The Gray Phantom’s Return is a detective novel by American author Herman Landon.

The Gray Phantom was created by Herman Landon, the creator of Picaroon and  Godfrey Usher; The Phantom appeared in Detective Story Magazine starting with Seven Signs.

The Phantom is Cuthbert Vanady, and he is a handsome devil, tall, lanky, with a 'lean, clean-chiseled' face and ash-grey eyes to match the gray at his temples and his gray business suits. The Phantom is more than just good-looking, of course. He's a criminal mastermind.

Original publication date: 1922.

Herman Landon (1882 - 1960) was an American author of pulp detective fiction, best remembered for his popular 1920s detective series "Gray Phantom". He also worked as a feature writer and managing editor for the Washington Herald.

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