Goat Lips: Tales of a Lapsed Englishman
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Goat Lips delivers a thought-provoking romp through a lapsed Englishman's life, who--after a quarter century of living in the United States--realized he'd neglected to renew his subscription to England.
Matthew's relentless wit and insight is front and center as we bounce between England and the United States, experiencing one hilarious, and sometimes poignant, tale after another--from escaping the clutches of the law to the pain and joy of parenthood, discovering the dangers of real ale and the agony of not being heard, whilst savoring a fiery dessert, the glamour of show business, the awkwardness of nakedness, and the utter wrongness of a Jesus piñata!
His ability to question the assumptions of everyday life with a wry grin, tender touch, and a twinkle in his kind eyes makes Matthew's tales endlessly entertaining. You'll want to read them more than once and even share them aloud with others in your best English accent.
GOLD WINNER in Humor at National IPPY Book Awards
SILVER MEDALS in Memoir & Illustration at CIPA EVVY Book Awards
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