The world’s first and probably last anti-running, anti-prepping fat man has survived the zombie apocalypse against all odds. He’s eaten his way through all the chocolate he could find and still been more than a match for the army of un-dead taking over the world. Along with his demented beagle Doug and ‘not sure if real’ friend Bob, Jim escaped Australia by the skin of his teeth and set up shop on ‘Jim Island’. But island life was not all it was cracked up to be and a quest to find other survivors and more curry draws them back into the thick of battle. Except this time they do it without Betty the battle truck, making do with ‘Das Gas Ship’ a massive LNG tanker vessel. Along the way the flood gates to another world open and the battle takes on an unworldly quality.The mixed up zombie warrior team of unlikely people grows with the discovery of other survivors, including a girl and her mother who seem to be stealing Doug’s affections and a young man just as crazy as Jim. If this is the hope of humanity then humanity is doomed.Onwards for vindaloo or for death!
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