For fans of Katie Flynn and Sheila Jeffries, Far From Home Home is a heart-warming novel from the Queen of family saga, and author of Bicycles and Blackberries, Sheila Newberry.
Ipswich, 1923.
After an unlucky start in her first role as a nursemaid, sixteen-year-old Elin Odell looks forward to seeing in the New Year at home. Little does she know, her family is changing and she has no idea what lies ahead . . .
Having been offered the role as governess for the Lamberts in Middlesex, Elin quickly accepts, leaving her own family behind in Ipswich. But when tragedy strikes at her new home, Elin steps up to hold everyone together at the expense of her own happiness.
As the Lambert's troubles grow, so do her family's back home and she finds herself struggling to support them both. But with the help of her employer's charming brother, Mark, might she find her own happiness after all?
'Reading a Sheila Newberry book is like having dinner with your mother in her warm and cosy kitchen. You can feel the love and care put into every juicy morsel' - Diane Allen, bestselling author of For the Sake of Her Family.
'I have long been a fan of Sheila Newberry's novels. I love their wonderful warmth and charm.' Maureen Lee, bestselling author of The Seven Streets of Liverpool.
Previously published as The Little Train Home
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