The Fall of Candy Corn

In the second book of the Sweet Seasons series, Candace has decided to spend another season at The Zone amusement park. But while working as a screaming mascot in the maze is fun, the park has more than a few serious twists—and scares—to offer. 

Candace never thought she’d sign up for another season at The Zone, but the allure of working with her boyfriend, Kurt, and spending time with her new friends has made the job easier to bear. Though once she finds out her new job is working as Candy in the newest Halloween maze—a role based on her harrowing night in the park that summer that shifted into a wild story she was chased by a killer—things don’t look quite as promising. Her friend Josh makes things slightly easier to bear, but soon the stress of her family’s potential financial hardships, a suddenly strained relationship with Kurt, and the exhaustion of running and screaming each night begin to take their toll. Then dangerous things start happening inside the maze, and Candace starts wondering if maybe her urban myth is becoming a reality—which means her life may be in danger.

The Fall of Candy Corn:

is a YA contemporary novel with a fun, rom-com feelis written by New York Times bestselling author Debbie Viguiécontains a suspenseful plotline with light chillsis a coming-of-age story that mixes humor with real-life strugglesis a clean read for young adult fans of any age
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