Enchanted by the Wolf / Captivating the Witch
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Love is a battle… ENCHANTED BY THE WOLF Kirnan Savauterre's loyalty to his werewolf pack is absolute—which is why he agrees to an arranged marriage. But Kir soon discovers his bride is an utterly enticing mystery. Beatrice is half-faery, a little bit vampire and altogether delightful. And they have one thing in common—the passion they share. Yet while their love has grown strong, so have the forces arrayed against them… CAPTIVATING THE WITCH Edamite Thrash is a big, bad, sexy demon overlord with a personal grudge against witches. When fate and a wild, undeniable attraction bind him to Tamatha Bellerose, he must work with her to stop a campaign of violence against his kind. But not succumbing to her sensual spell proves infinitely more difficult than anything else he faces…
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