The Duke in the Suburbs

- Edgar Wallace



Dukes aren’t meant to be Texas Cowboys. But the Duc de Montevillier is just that. Having made his fortune in silver, he relocates to the leafy London suburb of Kymott Crescent—much to the dismay of his new middle-class neighbours. Hijinks ensue as the Duke falls in love, does battle with enemies from back out west, and gets to grip with polite society.

Edgar Wallace is best known for his thrillers, but this comedy shows off his incredible range as a writer. Droll and fizzy, "The Duke of the Suburbs" has the flavour of a P.G. Wodehouse story.

Edgar Wallace (1875–1932) was a hugely prolific English author, best known for thrillers and crime fiction. Born into poverty in London, he joined the army as a teenager. On a posting to South Africa he met Rudyard Kipling, and was inspired to take up writing.

Wallace’s productivity was unmatched. He was capable of writing tens of thousands of words a day. In his thirty year career, he produced hundreds of novels, short stories, articles, and stage plays. In his later years, he moved to Hollywood and became a screenwriter. He died working on the project which would become his most famous—the script for "King Kong".
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