The Dogs of Winter
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The sequel to The Birds That Stay — hailed by The Globe and Mail as one of “Ten Thrillers That Will Keep You On the Edge of Your Seat Until Summertime” and included on Book Riot’s list of “Highly Anticipated Crime Novels.” The Dogs of Winter begins after a howling snowstorm envelops Montreal, and the body of a young woman is discovered in its wake. The only clue to her identity is the photograph in her pocket, and on it, the phone number of Detective Inspector Romeo Leduc. Meanwhile, Marie and Romeo are busy navigating their deepening relationship, and a student at Marie’s college is the victim of a terrible assault. While Romeo begins to think that the dead woman may be linked to violence against several homeless people in the city, the search for justice in both cases is thwarted by societal apathy and ignorance, even as the killer is stalking the frigid streets of Montreal, preying on and terrorizing its most vulnerable citizens.

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