David and the Phoenix (Unabridged)
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When David finally has a chance to climb the mountain behind his new home he has no idea he is about to meet a fabulous mythical creature. Even if he had known, who could have guessed that a Phoenix would turn out to be so stuffy, so pompous--and so utterly endearing? (To say nothing of its fondness for Aunt Amy's sugar cookies!) When the Phoenix decides to take a hand in David's education the adventures--and the hilarity--really begin. Alas, the wonderful visits to gryffons, sea monsters, and banshees will come to a crashing halt if the scientist stalking the Phoenix is successful . . . A tale filled with high humor and deep humanity, this much beloved classic springs to new life in a full cast recording that features the author himself as narrator. EDWARD ORMONDROYD grew up in Pennsylvania and Michigan. He served in WWII, participating in the invasions of Okinawa and Iwo Jima. In 1970, after 25 years in Berkeley, California, Edward and his wife, Joan, moved to upstate New York, where they live in a country home designed by Edward. His other books include TIME AT THE TOP and CASTAWAYS ON LONG AGO.
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