Dark Psychology- Alfred Borden

3h 35min


Dark psychology is a method that looks at the influence of other people... It is usually a negative influence. People who use dark psychology try and get into your brain, since if they have a say there, then it would be easy to influence you into any situation they desire. So dark psychology looks at matters that are both mental and emotional. These two aspects are tied closely to psychology. Dark psychology looks at how one interacts with others at a very personal, intimate level... This material encompasses all aspects of the mental side of life...

You Will Learn:

What are dark Psychology Techniques Used by Mental Manipulators

What are the Adverse Effects Dark Psychology have on People's Mind

How People with Dark Personalities Traits Behave to Control Your Life

How to Instantly Detect Narcissistic People and How to Defend Yourself Against their Psychological Abuses

How to Recognize the Manipulative People Quickly

How to Spot Covert Emotional Manipulation in Relationships and at Work

Simple Strategies to Read Body Language Easily

How to Defend Yourself from Deceptions Successfully

How to Become Autonomous through Easy Steps to Take Control of Your Life

Dark Psychology and Manipulation provides practical actions that can create real and lasting change to help you intercept these manipulations. And how to use them to your advantage!
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3h 35min
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Author's Republic
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