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This historical fiction is set in ancient Britain when it belonged to the Roman Empire. Cymbeline, a Celtic king who has lost both his sons, opposes his only child, princess Imogen’s marriage to the lowborn gentleman, Posthumus. In anger Cymbeline sends Posthumus to exile in Italy, where he falls into the company of the sleek Iachimo.

Imogen's stepmother and Iachimo forge sinister plans against the poor king's daughter. She soon decides to flee from her father's court keen to find her beloved Posthumus.

This bestseller contains plenty of surprising twists and turns, bloody confrontations and fatal encounters. But can the drama come to an end?

‘Cymbeline’ is one of William Shakespeare’s strongest plays, intertwined with themes of envy and forgiveness. As one of Shakespeare’s lesser-known romances, this historical romance mixes some of his most stunning verse with an interesting blend of history, legend and fairy tale. For fans of Meg Mason, Jennifer Weiner and Sally Thorne.

William Shakespeare (1564-1616) is widely considered the world's greatest dramatist and is often referred to as England's national poet or the Bard. Most famous for his timeless plays, he also wrote a multitude of poems and sonnets. Shakespeare was the blockbuster writer of his day, his many works concerning universal themes of life, love, death, revenge, grief, jealousy, murder, magic, and mystery. Among some of his most famous are "Macbeth", "Romeo and Juliet", and "Hamlet", but the list is long, and many continue to be studied and performed, both their original form and modern adaptations.
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