Crossing Jordan (Unabridged)
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When Cass Bodine's father learns that the family about to move into the house next door is black, the first thing he does is build a fence. "Better safe than sorry," he explains. Except Cass is sorry, because the girl on the other side of the fence, Jem Lewis, turns out to be just the friend she's been looking for. As Cass and Jem begin to bond over their shared love of running (and a fascination with Jane Eyre) their growing friendship is threatened by the angry misunderstandings of the adults around them. To avoid being separated, the girls must find a way to overcome the old fears that drive people apart before they even know each other. Reading with skill and deep understanding, author Adrian Fogelin brings her much-loved and highly-honored novel to a rich new life that will be enjoyed by families everywhere.
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