One Day University presents a series of audio lectures recorded in real-time from some of the top minds in the United States. Given by award-winning professors and experts in their field, these recorded lectures dive deep into the worlds of religion, government, literature, and social justice.Corporate or organizational culture, the system of informal norms, values, beliefs, expectations, and behaviors operating in an organization, is perhaps the most powerful influence on an organization's (whether a business or a non-profit organization) strategic direction and the successful achievement of its chosen strategy. Yet culture is poorly understood, little appreciated, and most importantly, its significant role in enabling or constraining strategy mostly ignored. How do we begin to make sense of this key phenomenon and its connection with an organization's strategy? In this lecture, we will explore the phenomenon of organizational culture, from its creation in an organization to its evolution, and most critically, understand how organizations can work with culture to enhance the success of their strategy. This audio lecture includes a supplemental PDF.
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