A Chain of Evidence
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A Chain of Evidence is a detective story by American author Carolyn Wells.

This is the third mystery story involving the Sherlock Holmes like detective Fleming Stone who is brought in to solve another mystery. 

Here we have another locked room mystery; this time its an apartment building with but one exit, the front door. The door is chained at 10 p.m., all the windows latched and the only suspects, a young woman and her female servant left in the apartment with the woman's uncle. The next morning, the man is found dead in his bed but its not a natural death, there's a pin stuck in his neck.

”Mr. Stone," I began, "if three persons spent the night in an apartment so securely locked on the inside that there was no possible means of ingress, and if in the morning it was found that one of those three persons had been murdered at midnight, would you say that the guilt must rest upon either one or both of the other two persons?”

The solution - who knows? Read and enjoy.

A Chain of Evidence was first published in 1907. Also available as audiobook, total running time: 7 hours, 19 min. Reading by Richard Kilmer.

Carolyn Wells (1862–1942) was an American author and poet. Carolyn Wells wrote a total of more than 170 books. During the first ten years of her career, she concentrated on poetry, humor, and children's books. However, Carolyn Wells began reading mystery stories written by Anna Katherine Green, and from then on she devoted her writings to puzzling mysteries in a similar vein.

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