Contents: Introduction 1. Let's get started! Names and News: Working world 2. Introduction (I) 3. Star power 4. Introduction (II) 5. Selling like hot cakes Business Skills: Ken Taylor on saying no 6. Introduction 7. Exercise: key vocabulary 8. Example: three techniques 9. Exercise: no to a request 10. Exercise: no in a meeting Intercultural Communication: Robert Gibson on critical incidents 11. Introduction: 12. Interview: critical incidents False Friends 13. Exercise: translation Office Talk 14. Introduction 15. The Maine Event Head-to-Head 16. Street life from Los Angeles Do Americans work too much? 17. Do you think you work too much? Grammar: The passive 18. Exercise: using the passive 19. Exercise: emphasizing the results Short Story 20. Introduction 21. Video Games Applying for a Job Ken Taylor on successful job interviews 22. Introduction 23. Exercise: key vocabulary Dos and don'ts 24. Advice: getting ready 25. Dialogue: a job interview (I) 26. Dialogue: a job interview (II) 27. Dialogue: a job interview (III) 28. Exercise: interview practice Say It in Style: What to say when you don't understand 29. Exercise: repeating expressions 30. Exercise: asking for an explanation Insight: Business news with Tania Higgins 31. Introduction 32. Russia joins the WTO 33. Oil prices in 2012 34. Corporate round-up: Marriott, Lego, mobile phones in India Conclusion 35. For more information
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