For fans of Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe series, Brock's Railroad is the second book in a heroic series of novels about Brock's troop and was the winner of the gold medal Independent Publisher Award (IPPY) for wartime fiction. Introducing Jonathan Westlake, a man of courage and integrity in a war that divides a continent, in a tale of love and treachery, fame and fortune. Jonathan Westlake is a hero to be reckoned with in the follow-up to Brock's Agent.
Fresh from his heroics on the battlefield, Jonathan Westlake is returning home in triumph, accompanied by the beautiful Mary Collins.
However, his celebrations are short-lived. Major-General Sir Isaac Brock has need of him once again, and this time the stakes are higher still.
Westlake is sent south to Virginia to rescue a slave named Alexander the Great, a former sergeant in the King's Army who is to lead a new troop of black ex-slaves. Westlake must use all of his cunning and courage as he clashes with slave-catchers, hostile Native Americans and even the US Army.
And all the while the clock is ticking, because back north on the border, the Americans are preparing to strike . . .
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