For fans of Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe series, Brock's Agent is the first in a heroic series of novels about Brock's troop.

Introducing Jonathan Westlake, a man of courage and integrity in a war that divides a continent, in a tale of love and treachery, fame and fortune. Jonathan Westlake is a hero to be reckoned with.

Canada, 1812. Jonathan Westlake, a happy-go-lucky fur trader, falls into a deadly scuffle to protect a beautiful young woman as he returns from another successful mission.

With blood on his hands, the heroic Westlake faces execution. But thanks to his quick-thinking mother he is granted one hope of redemption: join the army, and prove his courage on the battlefield.

With war between America and Britain imminent, Westlake serves under Major General Isaac Brock, who has a special task for his young apprentice. Westlake must travel under cover into the heart of the United States, and make common cause with the settlers' oldest foe.
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