Breaking Yawn
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Heffa Lump is still living at home in Spatula having graduated from the Spatula Academy of Fictional Excellence, and is looking forward to a life of notoriety as the girlfriend of the fabulously wealthy vampire Teddy Kelledy. Still desperate for fame, Heffa considers entering Undead's Got Talent, judged in part by the fearsome Vindicti - the only problem is, she's not a member of the undead. . . yet! She soon realizes that hers and Teddy's love story is so amazing that it alone could make them both famous! As her plans for fame become more elaborate, she graciously allows Teddy to give her a blinging engagement ring and the society wedding of the season, with as much media coverage as possible. However, the course of true love and Heffa's frenzied rise to fame is threatened by The Vindicti, who want to make sure that the Kelledys' incredible celebrity power is under their control. WIll Heffa ever get fame, fangs and a fabulously famous family? Will Teddy get the wedding night he lusts after? Find out in this hilarious new addition to the Twishite parody series.
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