Birds of a Feather
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Birds of a Feather is a science fiction novella by Robert Silverberg.
A fantastic, hilarious tale of a “no freaks required” search for aliens to be displayed on Earth in a Zoo masquerading as a scientific institution.
Getting specimens for the interstellar zoo was no problem - they battled for the honour – but now I had to fight like a wildcat to keep a display from making a monkey of me!
Birds of a Feather was first published by Galaxy Magazine in November 1958. Total Running Time (TRT): 52 min. Reading by Dale Grothman. Also available as e-book (ePUB).
Robert Silverberg (born 1935) is a prolific American author, best known for writing science fiction. He is a multiple winner of both Hugo and Nebula Awards, a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame, and a Grand Master of SF.

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