Beauty and the Captor - A Dark Romance Trilogy
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A dark, sexy, suspenseful rollercoaster ride you won't want to miss.
The girl makes my body burn with lust.
She makes me want to wrap her hair around my fist and f*ck her hard.
To make her scream my name in pleasure.
Demand her sweet surrender while I dominate her in every way I know how.
But first, she has to pay for the sin of her father.
He was going to take what I didn’t want to give.
My complete submission.
But somehow, his muscular body makes my body clench in ways I've never felt before.
I start to crave the heat of his touch and his commanding voice.
I really should stay away. But being punished has never felt so good.
Featuring all three books: Her Beast, Her Savior, Her Dom.
Over 100,000 words of addictive, thrilling dark romance gathered together for the first time in one convenient, discounted bundle!
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