Bad Teacher
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We can all recall a little rule bending in our schooldays - the Geography teacher who preferred to talk football than fold mountains; the sixth form head who let out the odd swear word. But pity the poor students who encountered the educators in this book. This hilarious exposé of life inside a modern-day classroom covers a host of teacher tardiness, truanting and tellings-off, including: The role-play loving maths teacher who used the quiet time afforded during pupil tests to practice his swordplay for his forthcoming historical reenactment weekender. The bitter art teacher who, during the midst of his divorce from his third wife, cracked open a can of beer and asked his students why women are 'hardwired to be soul-sucking, money-grabbing b****es'. Covering all subjects from primary school to college, this assembly of bloopers will leave you amused and worried for our schoolchildren - all at the same time!
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