Baby, It's Cold Outside
Sometimes love is found where you least expect it...

A saucy Christmas novella to heat up your winter nights!
It's the end of Clara's first term at uni, and she's feeling lonely. Not that she should; she has great flatmates, one of whom even appears to fancy her. At a drink-laden Christmas party at their house, things start to heat up for Clara. But it's not Jesse's touch that makes her quiver, despite his efforts. Through the haze of cocktails and fatigue, Clara finds herself in a soft but passionate embrace with Lia - Jesse's visiting sister.
At first Clara is mortified - she isn't gay! And judging by Lia's stories from her own life at uni, neither is she. But then why does their connection feel so natural and passionate? And how come merely thinking about Lia's soft, sweet lips makes Clara want to rush to kiss them again? Is it just a crush... or something more?
BABY, IT'S COLD OUTSIDE is part of Hot Key Books' exclusive new novella list, and one of a series of five available this Christmas. Unlock your naughty side!
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