Awakening the Ravensdale Heiress / Wearing the De Angelis Ring
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Two sizzling Harlequin romances from USA Today bestselling authors Melanie Milburne and Cathy Williams. Awakening the Ravensdale Heiress The only man to tempt her . . . Miranda Ravensdale's first experience of love ended in tragedy, so she vowed to bury her heart along with her memories. No man has ever broken through Miranda's quiet façade . . . until billionaire Leandro Allegretti, her own personal kryptonite! A childhood friend, Leandro has watched Miranda close herself off over the years. He knows what it's like to have a shadow cast over your life, so he plans to tempt her back into the light. On the French Riviera, under the pretense of cataloging his art collection, Leandro will coax Miranda's dormant sensuality into life . . . kiss by seductive kiss. Wearing the De Angelis Ring Falling for her fiancé? Tycoon Theo De Angelis lives life by his rules only . . . until a family debt forces him to propose the only merger he's never chased -- matrimony! Beautiful, inexperienced Alexa Caldini may be nothing like his usual blonde-bombshell ''type'' but that doesn't mean their marriage bed must grow cold . . . Forced to marry the son of her father's rival, Alexa is determined to impose certain ground rules for their inconvenient arrangement. Absolutely no emotions and definitely no physical relationship! But wearing the De Angelis ring is easier than facing the unexpected temptations of actually becoming Theo's wife. How long before Alexa's rules go up in smoke?
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