The Art and Attitude of Success
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One of the greatest motivational books ever written. These are difficult times indeed. Entire fortunes are being daily wiped out as the world economies go deeper into turmoil. Unemployment is rife and many people are looking to the future with distress. But this is the world economy, not God's economy – because The Maker has equipped each of us with the means to succeed and prosper in spite of whatever the situation in the world is. This book is about rising up from the depths of despair and claiming your desired place and purpose in life. It is a bite-size book, not quite so filled with pages of action points and motivational jargon such as you have probably read in a dozen places and you are fed up with them. It is not an exotic 'spiritual' book filled with mantras and stuff for you to memorize and recite to yourself several times a day while standing on your head. Read it quickly at first just to enjoy it; then come back read it all over again, much slower this time – to apply it.
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