All's Fair in Love and Blood- Jennifer Peel

10h 4min


Eight years ago, the older and irresistible Kane Hudson rocked my world. He saw me as more than just a shy and awkward premed student. And somehow, he helped me to see myself too. He made me believe I was beautiful and that dreams were worth fighting for. He was a dream. Then, without warning, it all came to an end. He went off to England and I headed to medical school. My hope was to never see the man again. That was wishful thinking.

Now we're both back in my hometown and, as luck would have it, we are both vying to become the next CEO of my family's blood plasma company. Sure, he has more experience and actually wants the job, but I'll do whatever it takes to make my dad proud of me, and if I can, sneak in a little sweet revenge against the man I still love. Unfortunately, Kane is as charming as ever. He has me wanting to believe in dreams and even in him. But how can I trust the man who stole my heart and now wants to steal my job? One thing I know for sure, and that is, nothing is fair in love or in the business of blood.
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10h 4min
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Dreamscape Media
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