The ACB with Honora Lee
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A touching, playful story about family, forgetfulness and friendship.
Every Saturday Perry and her father visit her gran, Honora Lee, at the Santa Lucia retirement home. But Gran never remembers them. ('Who is that man?' she asks Perry, when Perry's father leaves the room.)
Like Perry, Honora Lee is 'unconventional'; she is also sharp, outspoken, and full of surprises. So when Perry discovers that Honora Lee has an avid interest in the alphabet, she decides that together they will compile an ABC of life at Santa Lucia.
Of course Honora Lee's 'ACB' is entrancingly unpredictable and disorderly, so it's up to Perry to take the reins.
Beautifully illustrated throughout, THE ACB is an uplifting, moving and poetic story about the patience, acceptance and understanding of the very old and the very young.
A unique, refreshing and resonant story perfect to share with those you care for, which celebrates being different and will delight readers of all ages.
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