The Power of Islam
Europe as we know it will be forever changed. This is the consequence of a still growing Muslim population, and the fact that several large Euro- pean cities will soon have a Muslim majority. Sharper and more to the point than is the norm, The Power of Islam in a Europe of Tomorrow shows how Islam is influencing and altering European societies. With a wealth of examples drawn from both Denmark and other countries, Jespersen and Pittelkow describe a number of problems: Muslim parallel societies, the lost reliance, the oppression of women, the attacks on the free- dom of speech and democracy, crime and soci- etal dissolution, radicalism and anti-Semitism. At the same time, the book focuses on Muslims who distance themselves from these tendencies. This book deflates a number of myths about Is- lam and Muslim standpoints, disproving the idea of a functioning multicultural society. It presents a defense of Europe’s tradition for enlightenment and liberty, rejecting the special demands of Muslims and insisting on equal rules and rights for all. And it calls on everyone to stand up for these rights, regardless of ethnicity.
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