The Girls from the Horse Farm 3 - Hella, Helmut, and Klärchen
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Hella and Helmut are two big Haflinger horses who spent their entire lives together on Mr. Book’s family’s horse farm. When Hella suddenly dies of old age, it sends Helmut into a deep depression. Despite the constant urging of the girls from the horse farm, Tine, Ina, and Alex, Helmut refuses to eat or drink anything. He spends all his time hunched over under a big weep-ing willow, and rejects all companionship. When Ina takes Tine and Alex to meet her grandfa-ther and his small goat Klärchen, the girls hatch a plan to try to get Helmut out of his rut. Can they find a way to make Helmut eat before it’s too late or will the little goat just be in danger around such a big animal?
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