Disa s Battle
Disa and her father are on a journey to a place behind the Black Castles – a long and dangerous journey!

Now Disa has to find her sister and free her with the brimstone-buttercup.

At the End of the World, Disa faces new challenges.

The brimstone-buttercup gets so hot that she loses consciousness when she faces her mother‘s frozen trophies.

Will Disa and the brimstone-buttercup be able to lift the curse?

And will she overcome her mother‘s power?

Disa in the Land of the Northern Lights

Disa and the Hidden People

Disa‘s Battle

Throughout her long writing career, Marianne Gade (b. 1945) has written books for children, teenagers and adults. She is educated as a librarian and has functioned as a critic of children‘s literature for the Danish newspaper Politiken.
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