Cum Online - Erotic Short Story
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"Maria turns up the volume and lets the woman's moans fill her bedroom. It's so arousing to know that she is sitting there for real. Maria tickles her labia with her fingertips. Lies down on her back. Turns her head towards the screen and lets her gaze wander between the woman's vagina, her round breasts and the number in the top left corner that is slowly growing."

The former Camgirl Maria hasn't done a live feed for seven years. Out of curiosity, she visits the website late one night. She feels at home straight away. She has always been a bit of an exhibitionist, and she has always loved attention. But now when she has a real job and a serious life, she couldn’t possibly...? At least she could watch a little bit to start with... Elena Lund is a pseudonym for a Swedish erotica author who wants her stories to challenge our preconceived ideas of desire and lust, norms and standards. She writes erotica that places the reader in new, unexpected and emotionally charged situations.
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