A Hint of Magic 4: The Dream Boyfriend
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"Ooh, you‘re hoping you‘ll be sweethearts!" Frida says.

"And then you‘ll float away together on a pink cloud," Vigga grins.

"Oh, come on! It was just a dream!" I say and look around. I just hope there is no one I know! Still, it bubbles like crazy inside. Imagine, if Mehdi wants to be sweethearts!

Runa and Mehdi has made a deal to meet at the school library. But Mehdi does not show. And they were meant to go to the cinema on Sunday. What if he has regretted it?

"Schwartz and Horneman deliver another well executed girl-book, that the girl around age 10 will love, if she likes books about girlfriends." - www.bogoplevelsen.dk A series about the everyday struggles of three girls and their friendship, with just a hint of magic... Sandra Schwartz was born in 1979, and currently lives in Valby, Denmark with her husband and two kids. Growing up her mother would often take her to the most magical place in the world – the library. And her grandmother would make up dramatic stories about the Kitchen knife that went down the drain and had amazing adventures all over the world. She writes in several different genres, but her biggest passion is writing books for children and young adults.
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