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“I’m Bruno Dante…writer of short fiction, a guy with a failed book and a twelve-year-old Pontiac to his name. A forty-two year old wannabe. Swimming against the tide. Starting over one more time.” In Los Angeles struggling telemarketer-writer and part time drunk, Bruno Dante, is jobless again. The publication of his book of short stories has been put off indefinitely. Searching The Times want ads for a gig, he finds a chauffeur job opening. When Bruno calls the number in the ad he discovers the boss is his former employer from Manhattan, David Koffman, opening a West Coast branch of his thriving limo service. Koffman hires Bruno as resident Manager of Dav-Ko Hollywood under one condition: He must remain sober. Instant business success triggers a downward spiral for Dav-Ko’s new Manager and Bruno finds himself in a series of drinking binges, blackouts and bouts of depression. Bruno learns he must ultimately confront the madness of his mind or let his old and familiar demons get the best of him yet again. Written in an arresting first-person narrative that blurs the lines between fact and fiction, 86’d confronts issues of alcoholism and depression with a gritty style that never stifles the tenderness and humor of Fante’s words.
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