20 Western Novels You Should Read- O. Henry, Zane Grey, Bret Harte and more

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A western fiction is a genre of literature set in the American Old West frontier and typically set from the late eighteenth to the late nineteenth century.

This book is a special collection of best western novels of all time you should have in your bookshelf.

Here they are : APACHE DEVIL by Edgar Rice Burroughs CABIN FEVER by B. M. Bower GOOD INDIAN by B.M. Bower HEART OF THE WEST by O. Henry PIONEERS! by Willa Cather REED ANTHONY, COWMAN by Andy Adams RIDERS OF THE SILENCES by Max Brand SALOMY JANE by Bret Harte THAT GIRL MONTANA by Marah Ellis Ryan THE BANDIT OF HELL'S BEND by Edgar Rice Burroughs THE BRIDGE OF THE GODS by Frederic Homer Balch THE HERITAGE OF THE DESERT by Zane Grey THE HIDDEN CHILDREN by Robert William Chambers THE HUNTED WOMAN by James Oliver Curwood THE LONE STAR RANGER by Zane Grey THE SONG OF THE LARK by Willa Cather THE UNTAMED by Max Brand THE VALLEY OF SILENT MEN by James Oliver Curwood THE RIOT AT COUGAR PAW by Robert Ervin Howard THE ROAD TO FRONTENAC by Samuel Merwin
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