101 Ways to Improve Your Mind
Whether you want to improve your memory, think more clearly or stave off ageing, 101 Ways to Improve Your Mind will provide you with the tips and tricks to keep your grey matter in top condition and put the spring back into your mental step. It's never too late to boost your brainpower and make the most of your mind. With this light-hearted and pithy, yet effective, handbook, you will learn to think more clearly, organize your mental chaos and keep your brain quick, sharp and youthful. With tips and advice on how to improve your general health, modify your diet and adjust your lifestyle, it's not all about the brain. This simple and practical advice is an essential part of a healthy life and will improve all aspects of your daily habits. Clever tips are included such as: learning a foreign language helps to protect the brain against the onset of age-related diseases; saunas can increase your cardiovascular strength and improve blood supply to the brain; laughter stimulates the brain, thus enhancing our learning abilities.
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